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Roof Coatings: CHS, Inc. , Magnet, NE

A far away view of the roof coating installation on the CHS, Inc facility in Magnet, NE

Captivating perspective of the large roof coating installation at CHS, Inc facility in Magnet, NE.

Roofing Inspection Summary

A commercial agricultural facility in Magnet, NE, contacted us because they had water leaking into their building used to store grain.

Commercial Roofing Job Description

We applied a commercial roofing product with an elastomeric, acrylic, and a monolithic roof coating, in a bright white finish, to completely waterproof the substrate on this building with a Metal Roof in fair condition. A continuous and seamless monolithic membrane enveloped the commercial building's roof.

  • Roofing Job Location: Magnet, NE
  • Commercial Roofing System or Type: Roof Coatings
  • Product Manufacturer: Conklin
  • Product Details: Acrylic roof coatings and primer
  • Roof Condition: Poor
  • Roof Ponding: No
  • Roof Sloping: Yes
  • Was spray foam roofing applied to this job: No

Additional information about this roofing job:

CHS, Inc. in Magnet, Nebraska, is a grain elevator company that handles all types of agricultural products for area farmers. The roofing project at their location was a metal roof restoration. They use this facility to store grain (overflow grain from their other facilities). We power-washed, primed, sealed up the seams with a base coat.

We had to hurry on this project initially because we didn't get the bid until very late in the year. The first coating we put on in the fall kept their facility dry. We sealed up everything, so moisture didn't get in to ruin their product. We had to finish the roofing project the following Spring. We completed the roofing project with a final top-coat coating.

We recommend a Commercial Roofing inspection annually for Roof Coatings systems. The cost for regular maintenance is far less than the cost of a full commercial roof replacement.

Project Photos