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Roof Coatings: Sharis Photography, Pierce, NE

Two roofing contractors spraying primer over the existing EPDM roof in Pierce, NE

Roof Coating Experts in Action: Roofing contractors applying primer on existing EPDM roof in Pierce, NE.

Roofing Inspection Summary

During the evaluation of this roof, we determined that almost half the roof was in poor condition with leaks and the other part of the roof was not leaking. The existing roof material was EPDM rubber roofing. We decided to use roof coatings over the existing roof material.  

Commercial Roofing Job Description

We applied a commercial roofing product, a polyurethane roof coating, known for its flexibility. Polyurethane roof coatings often serve as a protective coating for sprayed-in-place foam roofing. Our polyurethane roof coating systems form an incredibly durable and flexible monolithic membrane layer providing a continuous and seamless monolithic membrane enveloping the commercial building's roof.

  • Roofing Job Location: Pierce, NE
  • Commercial Roofing System or Type: Polyurethane Roof Coatings
  • Product Manufacturer: Aldo Coatings
  • Product Details: ALDOCOAT polyurethane roof coatings
  • Roof Condition: Poor
  • Roof Ponding: Yes
  • Roof Sloping: Yes, low slope
  • Was spray foam roofing applied to this job: No

We recommend a Commercial Roofing inspection annually for Roof Coatings systems. The cost for regular maintenance is far less than the cost of a full commercial roof replacement.