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Benefits of an Elastomeric Roof Coating by a Commercial Roofing Company

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

Elastomeric roof coating contractors are in high demand as reflective roof coatings are surging in popularity across North America. One of the things that makes elastomeric roof coating so widespread is its ability to be installed over existing roofing systems, such as metal, single-ply membrane, modified bitumen, and built-up roof systems. In fact, many see it as a practical, durable, and ultimately affordable means to protect their low-slope roofs, increase their lifespan, and simultaneous cut energy costs.

Elastomeric roof coating contains components that are ultimately rubber-like. Simply put, this means that it easily expands with the heat during the day and settles to its original state in the evening and at nighttime. This component of elastomeric roof coating provides it with a sort of intrinsic “memory.” It is this very property that helps expand the lifespan of existing roofs because it assists in diminishing the risk of hardening and cracking. In addition, elastomeric roof coatings work to seal, and therefore protect, the surface of the roof. It can keep it from being damaged by wind, rain, storms, and help slow deterioration that is prone to occur when dust and dirt begin to collect.

Benefits of an Elastomeric Roof Coating

There are many benefits that elastomeric roof coating contractors see with this type of coating, making it a popular choice among contractors and consumers alike. One of these premier benefits is the reduction of energy costs. It is an economical, affordable, and practical solution that may save some individuals and business owners saving money while creating less of a strain on HVAC units.

Furthermore, they are relatively quick and easy to install, helping to save labor costs and time for both the elastomeric roof coating contractors and those who own the building. While the coating is ultimately protective, it also does not negatively impact the structure of the building because it does not add excess weight to it. Here is a more comprehensive list of the benefits of elastomeric roof coatings:

  • Protects the roof from a number of agents by sealing it
  • Reflects rays from the sun, reducing the strain on your HVAC unit and cutting energy costs
  • Prolongs the life of your roof
  • May be put on existing roofing systems
  • Is an economical and practical choice for building owners
  • Easy and quick to install for elastomeric roof coating contractors
  • Does not affect the structure of your building by adding additional weight
  • Is an energy-efficient option for building owners

Elastomeric Roof Coating Contractors at NENES, Inc. Roofing

If you need professional elastomeric roof coating contractors to install your elastomeric roof coating, please contact NENES, Inc. Roofing today. We serve the Omaha, Lincoln, Sioux City, and Yankton areas. NENES, Inc. Roofing is a premier company of roofing experts that can either install or repair your roofing system on buildings of many different shapes and sizes. When you contact us, we will be happy to offer you a complimentary elastomeric roof coating quote, as well as address any questions or concerns to the best of our ability.

Posted on: Jul 07, 2021