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Commercial and Industrial Roofing Repair Service in Omaha, Nebraska

Our Service Area

Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc., a first-rate Omaha commercial roofing company, offers a full range of commercial and industrial roof repair services and specialized solutions in commercial roof repair to the businesses and building owners of Omaha, Nebraska. Nearby cities in our service area include Norfolk and Lincoln, NE. Additional service areas also feature nearby Sioux City, IA, and Yankton, SD.

Trained Technicians

We have professional commercial roof repair and maintenance contractors to work on all types of commercial roofing. We offer nothing but the best in terms of quality. We hire only professionally trained commercial roofing technicians. Our technicians are experts, able to perform all types of commercial and industrial roof repairs, maintenance, and installation. We ask the right questions to meet customers' needs before recommending the best commercial and industrial roofing repair or roof system.

On-Call Commercial Roof Repair

Are you looking for high-quality and affordable commercial and industrial roofing repair services in Omaha, Nebraska? Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. is on-call 24/7 to accommodate your roofing repair, installation, and maintenance needs. We understand that commercial and industrial roofing problems can arise overnight, and that is why Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. is on-call 24/7 with a staff of commercial roofing technicians at the ready. For example, we offer the Omaha Metro area emergency commercial and industrial roof repairs, preventative maintenance, asset management, storm damage repairs, roof cleaning, roof replacement, and more. 

Types of Commercial Roofing We Service

Available commercial roofing options include single-ply in TPO or PVC, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), and Roof Coatings. We fix flat roofs and all types of commercial roofing, including EPDM rubber roofs, and we even offer metal roof restoration. If we can fix it, we will before we provide a new commercial roof solution. We want to save you money, and we offer commercial roof repair solutions that can do just that.

Working with Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc.

When you work with Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc., you will see the difference. Here is what you can expect when you hire us for commercial roof repairs and industrial roof repairs:

  • An experienced commercial roofing crew in Omaha who is available 24/7 for your commercial and industrial roofing repair needs
  • Professionally trained commercial roof technicians with extensive knowledge and the ability to work on any commercial roofing repairs or replacements needed
  • High-quality commercial roofing materials covered under manufacturer warranties
  • Thorough roofing system experts who can work on large or small-scale commercial roof repairs or commercial roofing systems
  • An affordable and straightforward commercial roof bid for any roof size or type
  • Accurate bids that do not consider business operations or sales
  • 24/7 emergency roof repairs performed by local commercial roofing contractors

Free Commercial Roof Assessments

Mistakes can be costly, and therefore Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. offers FREE commercial roof assessments. Give us a call at (866) 315-6049 to set up your free commercial roof assessment and inspection by a qualified commercial roofing technician. Periodic commercial roofing assessments and maintenance can help many businesses avoid costly roof repairs and replacements. Our free commercial roof assessment includes the following:

  • A comprehensive inspection of the exterior structure of the commercial roof
  • Identifying common signs of roof issues (standing water, damage to the substrate, peeling, or cracked roofing material)
  • Searching for signs of deterioration or leaks
  • Checking for lifting, ridging, displaced flashings, or trim
  • Combing the building structure for signs of staining or water damage
  • A careful examination of the condition of the commercial roofing material 
  • Determining the age of the roof so we know if it needs to be repaired or replaced

Regular and timely commercial roof inspections are essential, especially in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions and elements. Several things we can do to help building owners immediately include caulking or sealing areas of the roof until it can be fully repaired. While this may not stop the standing water or fix draining issues, it may help until we can thoroughly resolve the issue. 

The Importance of Inspecting and Maintaining Commercial Roofs

Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. believes in proactive roof maintenance. Maintaining commercial and industrial roofing systems can help roofs withstand the test of time and not have to be replaced as quickly. If you are in Omaha, Nebraska, or the surrounding areas, do not wait to schedule your free commercial roof assessment. Regular commercial roof inspections and maintenance can help detect roofing problems earlier, providing ample time for a solution and keeping problems from evolving. Commercial and industrial roofing systems should be assessed at least twice a year (before and after the winter season). 

Contacting Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc.

Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. proudly provides commercial roofing solutions to Omaha. We offer expert commercial roofing repairs and installations to buildings of any shape or size. Whether you need to repair your roof, apply roof coatings, or completely replace it, our professionally trained commercial roofing technicians will be happy to assist you. Our commercial roofing company provides free commercial roof assessments and quotes. We offer many services, including routine commercial roof maintenance, commercial roof repairs, and commercial roof replacements. Furthermore, we provide single-ply roofing systems, roof coatings, metal roof restoration, flat roof repair, spray foam roofing, and more. For your local commercial roofing and repair needs, give us a call at (866) 315-6049, and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to address your commercial roofing needs today.

Posted on: Jul 26, 2021