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Spray Foam Roofing: ESP Salon, Norfolk, NE

Rooftop view of the new spray foam roofing system over the EPDM rubber roof at ESP Salon in Norfolk, NE, preventing water ponding and leaks.

Spray foam roofing system over the old EPDM rubber roof at ESP Salon in Norfolk, NE. Rooftop view of the new roofing application next to the existing EPDM held down with rock and gravel. Spray foam is designed for flat roofs to help seal the entire roof and stop water ponding and leaks.

Roofing Inspection Summary

After discussion with the building owner, we applied spray foam over the old EPDM rubber roof. Our inspection showed the existing roof was a ballasted roof (meaning that the roof membrane is not anchored or adhered in any way to the roof decking). It was held down with rock or gravel and was in fair condition.

Commercial Roofing Job Description

We applied a BASF spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system designed for roofing applications.

  • Roofing Job Location: Norfolk, NE
  • Commercial Roofing System or Type: Spray Foam
  • Product Manufacturer: IB Products
  • Product Details: IB Spray Foam
  • Roof Condition: Poor
  • Roof Ponding: Yes
  • Roof Sloping: No
  • Was spray foam roofing applied to this job: Yes

Additional information about this roofing job:

The owner of the ESP Salon building in Norfolk, Nebraska, did not want us to do the entire roof with spray foam. We started cleaning the area with all of the river rock. We started at the top end and came halfway down the roof, and cleared the stone from that area.

After we cleared the rock, we cut away the edges of the EPDM roof, allowing the rubber to relax. We then mechanically fastened the EPDM to the existing roof deck.

We then applied spray foam over the entire roof section, sprayed a base coat roofing system, and checked for any repairs.

We completed the project with a final topcoat roof coating system over the entire area of the roof.

We will only do what is necessary on a roof repair if we can. You don't always have to repair or replace the entire roof. Some buildings and existing roofs may allow for partial roof repairs. Ask us about your roof for repair to save you money or a partial or complete roof replacement.

We recommend a Commercial Roofing inspection annually for Spray Foam Roofing systems. The cost for regular maintenance is far less than the cost of a full commercial roof replacement.